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"Walking Champions in the Ring"

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           **GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU**


 Do you want your young kid goats weighing 80 to 90+ pounds at 4 months of age?


If so then get a buck with that can produce large body goat with great genetics   

70% + of your herds looks and genetics comes from the buck

Get a great buck for your herd -it pays off the next season with huge offspring   


         We raise Champion Show Goats.................


   we can not show all the goats

    so the breeder stock we have

 are superior in size


for  meat goats it is all about size!!


Bigger is better!!!!






Current Stock



Champions For Sale

Bucks with Championship titles 

 See photos on Champion Buck Page  --



TCCI  Stimulus Package $1800  7 titles



-Our kid prices increase as they age - so we do accept deposits when they are young - Lock in you price right after they hit the ground  in Spring and Fall


Breeder Bucks and Wethers $250 to $500

Full bloods bucks $400 to $2000


4H and FFA discounts on prices




Does for sale


We have Does starting at:


$250 for Percentage Does

$400 to $2000  for Fullbloods Does


We have Kids on the ground fall and spring .... raise the kids to  4 months of age before we release them

 Call to set up an appointmet to come by -  352-848-5800