NatureWalk Ranch Boer Goats

"Walking Champions in the Ring"

Why Boer Goats ?

Our Story


    In 2005 we brought goats to clear our property and to obtain greenbelt exemption. That was the start of it all ……those does came out of a great champion line........... we were told later on…......and it was suggested to show them in a goat show.    


 Goat Show?? 


    Well we went to our first goat show in 2007 and won two grand championships with our greenbelt goats and our daughter won the showmanship class –grand champion- her first time out.  

The next show was the Florida State Fair so we upgraded our herd with some fullblood does. Our daughter won the 2008 Florida State Boer Goat showmanship grand champion- again in  2009, 2010 and 2011, now the family was hooked on goats. 


We purchased good breeding buck, he won a couple championships then our second red buck won a couple championships too. 


 We have bucks and does with ennoblement championships  and our bucklings and doelings are strarting to win more and more titles